ALTOOFACE enables the creation of a highly communicative product combined with an aesthetic design. A typical architectural element can be used both as façade covering or as an interior design solution and, at the same time, as a screen for media in various sizes to display images and messages.

As a fully customised product, it can be adapted to suit all kinds of interior and exterior architectural uses and perfectly integrates into the architectural structure, without compromising its design proportions.

ALTOOFACE products
There are many products with which to use them: Glass, Metal mesh, Expanded metal mesh, Textile membranes. It is possible to use different materials dependant on the final effect that you are trying to create with the facade.





highly communicative product with aesthetic design

custom-made solution
ALTOOFACE is a custom-made solution designed and produced to perfectly fit surfaces of any shape and size. The unique feature of this product lies in the transparency offered by LED technology.
Architectural solutions
Thanks to this, the architecture of the facade remains unchanged and therefore it still remains attractive even without illumination. When you switch on it creates a real ‘wow factor’ when the image covers the whole facade. Lots of TV adverts are now showing glass fronted sky scrapers with giant moving images on the front of them. This is the effect created by Media Facade, the next generation of building wraps!
Media Facade
This feature means it can be used to update old façades of existing buildings, without altering the substance and structure of the building itself.


ALTOOFACE offers a sustainable solution with a low energy consumption.

The LED technology applied combines efficient light emission with intense brightness. The result is a very attractive product with a low energy consumption.

Thanks to the automatic brightness control, light intensity can be adjusted to keep energy consumption significantly lower.
Remote control technology further facilitates the management of energy consumption. Overall, the use of ALTOOFACE can result in considerable energy savings.



The combination of high-quality LEDs with additional finishing has created, superior products in a variety of sizes to include even large-scale panels that can be used to great effect on building façades.

LEDs combine high light intensity, long service life, small sizes and the ability to facilitate remote control. All materials are carefully chosen to ensure a high quality product that is reliable for years to come.

Our high-brightness LEDs are suitable for any application, any time of day and night, all year round. Moreover, Altoona is ISO 9001 certified and strive for continuous technological renovation and innovation in order to improve their business processes and meet customers’ needs and expectations.

Superior LEDS
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lower energy consumption costs
  • SMD 3-in-1 LED technology
  • Finishing
  • Invisible wiring
  • Colour uniformity
  • Angle of view of 120° both horizontally and vertically
  • Long product life
  • Superior façades
  • Colour depth: 16-bit greyscale
  • Refresh rate above 1,000 Hz
  • High contrast
  • Communication

    Company communication

    ALTOOFACE combines its aesthetic function with media communication purposes. Through lights, images and videos, ALTOOFACE fosters effective interaction with the public.

    If your goal is to create special visual effects and have an emotional impact, ALTOOFACE is the product for you.

    With a wide range of LED colours to choose from, the resolutions that can be achieved and the flawless ability of the product to adapt to all shapes and sizes makes ALTOOFACE the perfect communication tool capable of adapting to multiple communication purposes.

    Our design team supports and assists customers in choosing the most suitable product to achieve the desired result.


    Innovative Solutions

    With ALTOOFACE, there is no more need to revert to conventional media formats as it offers a solution that can truly transform ideas and creativity into tangible innovative communication solutions.

    Our Great Team

    ALTOOFACE team’s strength lies in its ability to work together with the customer to develop the best possible solution to meet his or her specific needs.


    Different Size & Shape

    ALTOOFACE can be woven and finished in different sizes or shapes, specially developed in consideration of the application and the image quality required. The resolution (pixel/m2) can be customised according to the customer’s specifications.

    Flexible Led Bar

    ALTOOFACE’s flexibility allows for both vertical and horizontal LED bars to be installed to achieve the desirable outcome.


    ALTOONA… Light your ideas

    ALTOOFACE in an ALTOONA solution.

    Founded in 1989, Altoona specialises in the production of full colour LED displays using the latest technology available, drawing from years of international experience.

    One of Altoona’s key strengths is its ability to provide customised solutions to meet the specific needs of each and every customer. Thanks to the increasing demand for cutting-edge technologies and cost efficiency, Altoona has enjoyed steady growth in recent years.

    As a result, Altoona recently changed premises to be able to handle the increase in business. Look at the Altoona website.


    Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
    This is why we guide our customers throughout the product experience.

    Technical Support

    Technical Support

    After sales service for LED performance provided by highly specialised personnel.



    Full warranty of the installation.



    Initial assistance in choosing the right product.



    Technical diagrams created by professional engineers.

    Software included

    Software included

    Software that trains users on operations and maintenance.

    Easy installation

    Easy installation

    Assistance during installation.

    Full documentation & certification

    Full documentation & certification

    Comprehensive technical documentation that includes certifications for each installation.

    Spare parts

    Spare parts

    Availability of replacement parts.

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